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Disaster Planning

         Are You Ready If Disaster Strikes?

Here at P.C. Masters we encourage proper Disaster Planning. We are also a Carbonite partner. You never know when you might find yourself with any type of hardware failure or other type of disaster. Whether you have a home or business computer we have a solution for you. 

With Carbonite Backup Service it will backup all of the files that you don't want to lose the most and back them up safely to the cloud. In the case of any loss, you would easily be able to download them again. You can backup Pictures, Documents, Folders, Music, Videos, Databases if you are a business customer and much more! 

For more information for Our Home Based Carbonite Solution Please Click Below:

For Information on our Cloud Business Solution or any other Back up services please call us at 603-226-2722 or email us at info@pcmast.com
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